Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Virtual Art Show: The Art of William Max Miller

Greetings mortals!

Welcome to The Parting of Veil's first virtual art show where we feature artists of a rather otherworldly kind.

In this premiere showing, we are featuring the works of William Max Miller, located somewhere in the depths of Southwestern, Pennsylvania (zombie-ville). His work is quite eye-catching and intriguing. So take a walk through the gallery and see the artist talk a little about his works and the inspirations behind them.

Enjoy your stay...

"David Bowie"--An incredibly creative person. I'll miss him."

"Here's the new version of "A Thousand and One Nights"--The colors in the first version looked muddy, so I deepened & clarified them. I cleaned up some edges, smoothed out some textures that looked too rough, and added stars."

"Like Circe, the famous enchantress who ensnared Odysseus and his men, the enchantress of my earlier portrait has a dark side. This was actually my first version of the work, which could easily be a cover painting for an old Weird Tales magazine! The inspiration for this was Fritz Leiber's dark fantasy novel, "Conjure Wife" (1943.) This tale was quickly adapted by Universal Studios in 1944 for their Inner Sanctum series with Lon Chaney Jr., where it was re-titled "Weird Woman."

"Here's a variant version of Chaney's Phantom."

"Scheherazade"--a study in purple."

"The Secret Door"

"Waiting by Moonlight"--This one depicts the lonely female vampire in Ana Lily Amirpour's 2014 Persian language film "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night." I tried to give this one a haunting, dream-like quality."

"Rachmaninoff"--Here's a portrait of one of my favorite composers & pianists. I tried to give this one the appearance of an intaglio etched print."

As an added bonus, here is a guest post that William Max Miller did for my blog:

Night Terrors: Guest Post by William Max Miller

Read more of William's essays and see more works of art by visiting his webpage:

William Max Miller Webpage

Hope you enjoyed our wonderfully nightmarish first art show. There will be more to come and stay tuned for episode 5 of The Parting of Veils...

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