The Parting of Veils is an online magazine and webseries dedicated to discussing what is not of the world and society as we know it. It combines passions for horror, history, and all that is often overlooked by the mainstream media.
No one is claiming The Parting of Veils as a new and groundbreaking project (as there are obviously many other great projects out there dedicated to these very topics), nor am I or anyone else featured here necessarily expert or academics in such fields. Even those of us well learned in such subjects are simply individuals that share a common passion for the unknown, forgotten, mysterious, and overlooked.
This is a journey into the unknown and a journey back into time. It is an exploration and a reconnection to the pass. It is a parting of veils, allowing us to travel from the time in which we were born and hear the words of those that came before us. And of those that just might be all around us...

Tiffany Apan is a critically acclaimed independent recording artist, a stage/film actress, author, and award-winning producer/writer. You can find more about her at her Official Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and her production company website. She can also be found on IMDb and her music releases on CDBaby along with iTunes, Amazon, and other digital retailers. She also does freelance writing, and editing. Her own stories are available at Smashwords, Barnesand Noble NOOK, Amazon, and other retailers. Her novel series, The Birthrite Series, is also available in both ebook and paperback form. In addition, she is a contributor to Ravenous Monster Webzine.

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