The Parting of Veils is intended as entertainment to present a historical record of local legends, folklore and odd sites throughout the United States and possibly elsewhere. Many of the stories cannot be independently confirmed of corroborated, and the authors and publishers make no representation as to their factual accuracy.
We are also not intended as a guide to trespassing. We do not encourage or condone destructive or illegal behavior of any kind. Readers should be aware that many of the places mentioned and/or written of are located on private property and therefore not open to the public (documentation here or elsewhere does not equal to an invitation for anyone to visit them). While we do try to mention which locations are able to accept visitors and which aren't, we strongly recommend conducting your own careful research before embarking on any expeditions.
Those who disregard this advice will run the risk of arrest, prosecution and fine. That trip, if anyone decides to take it, is one's own personal choice and we accept no responsibility for the actions of those who choose to disregard and break the law.

Other than that, we hope you enjoy the material presented on this site!

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