Thursday, May 14, 2015

When I Participated in a Paranormal Investigation at Farnam Manor in Richfield, OH

Hey all,

A few years ago (May of 2010), my partner in crime and I were invited by Paranormal expert and excavationist John Sabol to participate in an excavation of the haunted Farnam Manor in Richfield, OH. The Excavation was broadcast on the Paranormal Talk Radio Show, ParaNexus Universe. In a unique twist, two of my songs were used as part of the excavation ("Lullaby" and "Lost Little Girl" to be exact,, meant for the little ghost girl, Emily Farnam).

All sorts of crazy stuff happened, including seeing orbs, a shadowy figure pass by the room we were in and hearing what the present medium said was a banshee scream in the woods.

I posted some photos and video of our time there (WARNING: creepy dolls ahead!):

( Photo of John Sabol and Jason English)

Find out more about Farnam Manor, its history, their lantern tours and more at the following websites:
Farnam Manor Inn
Farnam Foundation

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