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Interview with Rocky Karlage of Ghost Walk Films

For the first interview to be featured on The Parting of Veils Webzine, we are happy to have Rocky Karlage of Ghost Walk Films. After a hiatus, Ghost Walk is back and ready to jump back into the scene with the paranormal documentary, "Lilly's Cry." Their award-winning film, "The Farm" (which I was also involved with) has also picked up distribution.
Read on to get know the little spirit girl Lilly a little more and check out what Ghost Walk Films has coming up. :)

TA: When we last spoke, you guys were getting set up to release your award winning film, The Farm. Can you catch us up on what you all have been up to since then?

RK: We worked hard to produce a second film, named “The Dawson War”, but crew and actor difficulties expanded both the length of time to film and budget, so that we were unable to complete it.   We plan to go back to it someday with an updated script and title.   Right now, we are in production on a documentary to further our film work.   Our first film “Ghost Walk: The Farm” was picked up for distribution by Continuum Motion Pictures and MCTV.  As well as being included as part of a group of films for release to America’s soldiers, it is due to be released to their distribution channels April/May of 2015.

TA: Tell us more about your newest project.

RK: We’re producing a documentary named “Lilly’s Cry” about the real, spirit girl Lilly Rose who is the genesis for Ghost Walk’s name and film work.   She has been in contact with me over the years, since the first time I saw her.   It is being produced by Ghost Walk Studios with my “sister from another mother” Victoria Vardon as Executive Producer, and World Paranormal Investigation’s John & Bea Brugge co-producing.   Scotty Rorek, a well-known psychic medium, has accepted our invitation to star in the film and lead the interviews with witnesses.   We’re very excited to move forward with the film!

TA: Now for those unaware, who is Lilly Rose?

RK: Lilly is a spirit girl who has almost become like a daughter to me, but I believe she first saw me when I was a child.  When I was a little older, she appeared to me one morning as I was walking to catch a bus for work.   It is a scene we plan to recreate for the documentary with Ohio’s own, Actor Joel David Anger portraying me.  Lilly appeared to me several more times, and has also appeared to several of my friends; some of who are mediums to whom she revealed some of her ‘life’ as she knows it.  One of those is a good friend, Kat Lang, who we are honored to include to discuss her experience with Lilly.  Lilly has also visited friends homes like the Haunted Dollhouse in Pennsylvania, which is owned by our good friends Tom & Traci Watkins.   Just this month, “Malevolent Magazine” honored us by publishing an article i wrote about her and the upcoming “Lilly’s Cry” documentary.  You can find the magazine information on the publisher’s page:

TA: Where has Lilly been seen?

RK: We will reveal most of that information in the documentary, but mainly close to her home town.   She has amazingly visited people who have become her friends through a past Myspace page and her current page I created for her on Facebook.   She loves her friends who visit her, and sometimes reward them with a visit of her own.   Suffice it to say she is well loved by her friends!   A few of these friends have also been invited to appear in the documentary.

TA: What do you all wish to accomplish with making this film?

RK: Everyone’s goal who is involved is to tell as much as we can uncover of Lilly’s story, and our major goal is to help her find peace.  Whether or not we find such evidence, we will tell her story as truthfully as we know without faking or creating evidence.   Both Ghost Walk Studios and World Paranormal Investigations want viewers to know what we present is her story told to the best of our ability, and also to become aware of how sweet and persistent this little, spirit girl has been to tell her story.   We’re also looking forward to a new song written and performed by you and Jason English for the film.  That will be exciting!  :)

TA: Where can those interested find more info on Ghost Walk and the film?

RK: Our new website for Ghost Walk Studios with ongoing updates is posted with current information and film plans at   We also have related Facebook pages which you can find listed on this website.

TA: And finally, what's next for you all?

RK: Wow!  Lots of things!  :D   We plan to continue filming the story concepts and titles I created named “The Ghost Walk Saga” of which “The Farm” is just the beginning for our films.   We plan major story sequences all across Ohio with strong locations and events centered in history from the American Civil War, through the Victorian era, and into today.  Our next feature film will most likely be “Ghost Walk: Estella’s Revenge” which is a continuation of “The Farm” story with background why that story’s events happened.   Of course, plans are always limited by available finances, so we’re working to find funding and/or a co-Executive Producer.   We have discussed bringing in other production teams to film the stories earlier, but we have made no decision yet.
 I’ll just say we’re open to new possibilities.   If we can fit the time and find a publisher, Art Director and Professional Artist Tony Vardon and I are planning to develop a graphic novel for “The Farm”.   Someday we may even go back to film the entire story with more scenes then appear in our award-winning film.   Beyond this, a new TV show has already begun production by our friends at World Paranormal Investigations named :WPI SEEKING THE TRUTH”, and co-produced by Ghost Walk Studios.  It’s page link can also be found on our website.   Our most recent news is “Ghost Walk: The Farm” received an “Official Selection” to the San Diego “FANtastic Horror Film Festival”, which we are very excited about!    We plan to attend future events as time and money permit, and will create a page on the website for those too.  Of course, invites are always appreciated!   Thanks for interviewing me, Tiffany! :)

TA: Always a pleasure!

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